Friday, July 11, 2014

Children's Convention

     Earlier this week Hata-san, from the Paul Rusch Memorial Museum, and I took part in a local Children's Convention. At least that's what I assumed it was. It was all museums and exhibits in Yamanashi that welcome children. Realistically I think it was just an advertising opportunity for the museums and a way for parents to just let their kids run in a big space and have lots of activities to do. Each "vendor" had an activity to do; a worksheet, a craft, a game, you name it. The PRMM, as we lovingly called it, had activities having to do with football since Paul Rusch was the father of American Football in Japan. I got to play Charlotte sensei again and teach words like 'touchdown' and 'cheerleader'. Do you know how hard it is for a child to say 'referee' when their native language doesn't really have the 'r' sound? It is very hard. So I got to spend the Saturday hanging with kids and throwing a football around...not exactly what I thought I would ever be doing in Japan, but it was fun to see a different side of this country--pretty much a normal day-to-day activity. Plus, the hospitality student inside me liked seeing the prefectural convention center.

Papa Paul and Charlotte sensei.
You get to do your activities in a helmet!
Football fun--even for girls!
The kids in Japan generally are more excited to learn than any American kid I have ever seen.
Kids harassing the poor local mascot.
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