Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lenten Meditations

Not much has been happening here in Kiyosato to update on. We did just receive enough snow again yesterday to cancel Ash Wednesday services so that was kind of a let down. I was nervous about my car getting stuck...again, so I decided to walk to church. Bad idea because I didn't find out until I got down there that the services were cancelled. It afforded me some much needed exercise, the thirty minutes down and thirty minutes back up. Anyways, now that the Lenten season is upon us, our group of YASC volunteers has set up a blog, Meditations from Millennial Missionaries ,where we will post these Lenten reflections. Take a look at the second post from Ash Wednesdays around the world. There are a few pictures of my church, St. Andrew's, under the snow. I've also created a link on my blog in the menu for easy access. Look out for my reflections on March 18 and April 9!

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